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Mixer Keys

Embrace the Duality. Unleash Your Creativity.


Empowering Artists,Cultivating a Balanced Soundscape

Oblong Square's mission is twofold, reflecting the very symbol that inspires us.

We strive to:

Champion Artist Ownership: We believe in fostering a community where artists retain complete creative and financial control over their music, masters, image, content, and personal branding.

Cultivate a Balanced Soundscape: We embrace the beauty in the blend. Our diverse roster reflects the multifaceted nature of music, fostering a space where established genres co-exist with the avant-garde.

Artist Empowerment is Our Core Value

Oblong Square draws inspiration from the Esoteric symbol of the same name, representing the balance between opposing forces and the inherent duality within us. This philosophy resonates deeply in the world of music, where genres blend, soundscapes contrast, and emotions intertwine.

We are an independent, artist first record label specializing in a diverse soundscape encompassing genres like Lo-Fi, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Chillwave, Ambient, Minimal Tech, Deep House, and the ever-evolving realm of Avant-Garde music.

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